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Criminal & Civil Law Assistance in Ukraine

We assist foreigners whilst doing business, working or living in Ukraine and Russia with ALL legal matters.

Criminal & Civil Assistance

Criminal law involves a relationship between the Crown (State) and an individual. Civil law, on the other hand, involves resolving all other disputes. Civil law, for example, covers accidents, contract disputes, or the dividing up of a will. In general, civil law deals with private disputes between private people or organisations.

All of our team are fluent in English, French, German, native Ukrainian and Russian.

A large number of civil law cases involve what are called 'torts', which are legal wrongdoings. The term 'tort 'is derived from the Latin word 'tortus', meaning 'a wrong'. Tort law exists to protect an individual's bodily safety and security, to protect tangible property and intellectual property, and to protect an individual's reputation.

If any of these things are compromised or damaged by another person or organisation, a remedy can be sought by an action for compensation, which usually takes the form of monetary damages.

An amount of money is intended to make up for the loss or damage suffered by the victim of the wrongdoing, and to restore the injured person to the position he or she was in before the tort was committed.

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