There are many good reasons to do business in Ukraine.

Favorable labor costs, low cost property and land, flexible systems and great expertise in its trained labor force...

Plus high interest rates on savings (up to 25% p.a.) and opportunities for investment

However, as the country has moved from Communism to Capitalism fairly recently the laws, statutes and legal frameworks can be seen as out-dated and complicated to the outsider.

At LHUA Lawyers our dedicated team has over 35 years combined legal experience, dealing with both civil and criminal law we operate all over the country specializing in:

Business Law

Property law

Civil, criminal law and other matters

Based in Odessa, operating Nationally across Ukraine and Russia.

We have branches in Kiev, Kharkov, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Lviv and Simferepol.

We assist foreigners whilst doing business, working or living in Ukraine and Russia with ALL legal matters.

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