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Kenneth Wills, Wills Group, UK.

Our client has numerous successful businesses all over the world.

It was necessary to form 3 Ukrainian companies with a parent company based in the UK.

Time was short so he took advantage of our fast and efficient company formation service (48 hours).

We setup 6 bank accounts and registered the company on the tax system to pay a fixed tax price each month.

Following this we leased and then bought a factory, with a lot of complicated administration, property law and tax negotiations.

Our in-house notary dealt with all necessary documentation and helped to make the incorporation fast and successful.

As the 90 day limit for visitors in the Ukraine was about to expire we spoke with the local immigration office and organized a temporary residency for our client so he could continue his business without the worry of time constraints.

"At LHUA the team are dedicated, professional and know exactly what they are doing.

In the UK we find that red-tape and policy decisions can sometimes be tough.

In Ukraine it was even worse, however the Lawyers at LHUA knew the relevant departments we needed to speak to, (they even had their cell-phone numbers) I paid a little more and we were seen and dealt with almost immediately! Great.

I know they say its not what you know , but WHO you know however in this country it really is true!

Thanks to Alexi Timarche and the team for all their help, see you next month for our Management meeting. regards."

Kenneth Wills,

Managing Director, Wills Group, UK.

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