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Business Law in Ukraine
Business Law
Register, setup and maintain your business. [Read more]
Property Law in Ukraine
Property law
Buy, sell or lease a property in Ukraine. [Read more]
Civil & Criminal Law in Ukraine
Civil & criminal law
Our lawyers can assist you with any unforeseen issues. [Read more]
Employment Law in Ukraine
Employment Law
We are experts on employment law, tax etc. [Read more]
Personal Assistance in Ukraine
Personal Assistance
From Translation services to flights and travel. [Read more]

Notary Services
Notary Services
Our in-house Notary will translate and Notarize any necessary documents without any delay or inconvenience to you. [Read more]

Business & Corporate Law

We assist foreigners whilst doing business, working or living in Ukraine and Russia with ALL legal matters.

We have native American, English, Italian Ukrainian and Russian team members (residents in Ukraine) to give you the legal help you need, FAST.

All of our team are fluent in English, French, German, native Ukrainian and Russian.

We provide a Fast, modern, direct approach , cutting through the red tap and getting you the results that you need. Some of our services are listed below...

Business Law

Its is important with any international business that you have total confidence and 100% reliability in your legal representation.

We offer the following regulated services:

Company and banking registration and setup (ask about our 48 hour service)

Company Directorships and shareholding

Change of company details

Company accounts

Tax, customs and duty


Import and export

Litigation and suing

In-house Notary

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