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Reater Technologies, Miami, US.

Following a wide investigation over 6 months they researched different skill sets of different labor markets in 15 countries.

Their findings were conclusive. With the quality of SQL and C++ programmers in Ukraine and with their high level of dedication and English language it was decided that the Level 2 IT support team should be based in Odessa, Ukraine.

This also gave the company increased cost savings across the board. Salaries are typically $100 a week ion this city for these high-ranking positions. The pension system and local tax rates are low and it was easy for our client to take full advantage of this.

Jeremy Parkes is a specialist in this field. He undertook this project.

LHUA formed a holding company, conducted interviews and setup the office a in Ukraine that would deal with all of the necessary functions of the new business.

It was necessary to import specialist equipment and technologies through the local port. This was organized and was successful with the necessary documentation and taxes paid within 3 working days. We purchased an import license for our client that can be used for the next 10 years without a problem.

In 2012 we setup several bank accounts and internet communication systems offering level 2 IT support to their 10,000's of clients all over the world.

By 2013 the business had expanded and employed over 100 people full time and 25 part time support consultants.

As the business was experiencing great growth they decided to try for extra financing. We managed to secure financing to enable further property purchase.

The savings account we setup gives the client 22.4% APR. They are very happy with this !

"Thank you to all at LHUA. We could not have done this without you! The local knowledge, translation skills and contacts that your lawyers have is greater than any Lawyers I have dealt with tin the US or even Europe for that matter. We will continue to use your professional services and would be happy to recommend you to ANYONE looking for help or legal assistance in Ukraine. Thanks again, see you in July."

Peter McCarthy, CEO,

Reator Technologies.

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