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Paul Simons, traveler, looking for love


Hi I am going to Odessa, Ukraine with Anastasia-date.com to look for love and a future partner.

I am a little worried after hearing many different things on the Internet. Would you be able to help me and assist me during my time in Odessa?

If so what do I need to be aware of and can we have a conversation before I go so I feel sure that you are there if I have any problems or if you can accompany me on some of my appointments.


Yes no problem.

We have accompanied many clients on appointments when they are meeting international ladies for the first time. We understand the red-flags and the things that you need to be aware of.

At LHUA we offer translation services, discounts on restaurants and cafes, tours and lots lots more. Everything you will need to have a good time and meet as many ladies as you wish.

We will also be able to help with VISA's for your partner when that time comes!

We will assist you. We will collect you from the airport, give you orientation, a guided tour, make sure you are OK and are not taken advantage of during your stay in this beautiful city!

If you have a similar request or wish to discuss our personal assistance or concierge services, contact us...