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Sparkmedia, Hong Kong, offices in Ukraine.

Sparkmedia run a group of printed and digital magazines and publications around the world. Following their great success In Russia they decided to start operating in Ukraine.

They contacted us to discuss licensing and to assist them in setting up local payment systems.

Tatiana is a specialist in this field.

The client was very keen to start and finish the job in less than 30 days. He had been told by many advisers that he was looking at more like 3 months.

We did this in less than 20 days from beginning to end.

The banking system in Ukraine is not what it is in the US!

We setup trading accounts and savings accounts with online access and online shopping- carts for selling their publications in local currency (hrv).

Since meeting Sparkmedia their revenue levels have exceeded 372% growth in 2 years!

"We cant believe how easy it turned out to be ! Walking into this situation we had a 1000 questions and had been told by our Russian advisers that it would never happen! After meeting Tatiana for an hour we had a plan, a timescale and a cost analysis.

LHUA Lawyers did everything necessary, cut through the red tape and successfully gained the licenses we needed in almost half the time we asked them to! Absolutely fantastic team. I t was a pleasure working with you. We will discuss our next project over Skype next week, thanks to Tatiana and Yulia for all you help, thanks again"

李强 Li Qiang.

Director of Business Development,

Sparkmedia, Hong Kong.

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